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What to Watch: Man Shops Globe

23 Nov

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson’s passion for art, antiques and travel emerged in childhood as he accompanied his father, an art dealer, on excursions through Europe. His current role as Anthropologie’s buyer-at-large is driven by Johnson’s early experiences and boundless curiosity.




“Mad” About Fashion

29 Jul

According to, Janie Bryant–of “Mad Men” fame–has formed a partnership with QVC to create a clothing line inspired by the cult favorite.  Bryant plans to call the line “Mod” and will launch her first collection of 20 pieces–including both clothing and accessories–on QVC this September 29th.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with…her costumes for the show are sublime.  It’s great news for us consumers that she’s bringing her huge talent to the open market…we can finally get in on the fun!

Don, dashing and debaucherous…

24 Jul

Betty, beautiful!

23 Jul

Peggy, no!

22 Jul

Changes are afoot for “Mad Men” Season 4!  Some better than others.  This might not be my *favorite* change…

“Mad Men” Countdown: 7 days left!

19 Jul