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Must Have’s for the ____ (“boho chick”)

30 Nov

If you like it, then put a monogram on it…

23 Nov


To monogram or not to monogram?

I’d monogram ______ if possible, so my entirely biased opinion will not …

Some of my favorites…

NECKLACES (from Ross Simons)

*Single initial monogram necklace:

*Circle Pendant with Monogram Center:

*L.L. Bean Boat and Tote:

*Wedding Invitations:



*Shoes — Jack Rogers Monogrammed Sandals:


*Silver Baby Cup:

The fabric of memory

23 Nov

In a loving tribute to her elegant, clotheshorse-of-a-mother, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, peels away layer by layer of memories of her mother by unveiling her enviable wardrobe.  At once loving, poignant, funny and heartbreaking, Barron demonstrates how one’s wardrobe reveals the person within and defines them …. ?

-what garments have you saved of loved ones…

-connection b/w furnishings and wardrobes…outward representations of how we want to be seen by the world, reflections of how we see our selves/our best selves


Designer Profile: Michael Aram

23 Nov

Profile: [jewelry designer]

23 Oct

Jane Birkin

23 Oct


Simple. Lovely.

19 Aug

Fabulous Find: Georg Jensen’s “Elephant” Bottle Opener

18 Aug

*Image from:

What’s Your Pedal Mettle?

15 Aug

Bikes.  We all know (or knew, but you know how the saying goes…) how to ride ’em.  But, when was the last time you dug out your old 10 speed and took it for a spin?  I know, it’s been a while…and, that old bike probably isn’t calling your name any more.

The good news: bikes are back!  In a BIG way.  And, they are GORGEOUS. From Gary Fisher to Trek, your inner aesthete will be more than pleased with the current crop on offer.  And the accessories!  From wicker baskets to capri pants, biking allows for a lot of stylishness.

So, strap on your helmet (safety first!) and get ready for a chic ride…

Style Icon: Charlotte Gainsbourg

13 Aug

Charlotte Gainsbourg, the actress/singer daughter of the late Serge Gainsbourg and British actress Jane Birkin, is one of the people named in September’s Vanity Fair as part of their “Best Dressed List ” of 2010.  I couldn’t agree with her selection more!

Gainsbourg’s style pedigree–as the daughter of Jane Birkin–is impressive indeed, but the lithe beauty brings a freshness all her own to her favored bohemian French classics.  This relaxed refinement has not gone unnoticed, garnering Gainsbourg advertising campaigns for such venerable brands as Balenciaga and Gerard Darel.

Below–a sampling of her style…enjoy!