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If you like it, then put a monogram on it…

23 Nov


To monogram or not to monogram?

I’d monogram ______ if possible, so my entirely biased opinion will not …

Some of my favorites…

NECKLACES (from Ross Simons)

*Single initial monogram necklace:

*Circle Pendant with Monogram Center:

*L.L. Bean Boat and Tote:

*Wedding Invitations:



*Shoes — Jack Rogers Monogrammed Sandals:


*Silver Baby Cup:


Profile: [jewelry designer]

23 Oct

Adored & Adorned: Wallis Simpson’s Jewelry

4 Aug

Abdication! Royal intrigue! Fashion! Divorce! Jewelry!  It had it all–set against a backdrop of war–the romance between the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, and his “American divorcee” was one for the books.

Wallis Simpson was renowned for her fashion sense, and despite the fact that she was a somewhat controversial character, her exquisite taste never seemed to falter.  Her jewelry collection was no exception.  While most of the drama surrounding their romance now exists solely in the pages of history books, the jewelry is one tactile remainder that we can still experience.

This November 30th, twenty pieces designed in collaboration between Cartier and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor will go under the hammer.  Have a gander at some of the gorgeous pieces from the historic collection below…

Commissioned by the Duke of Windsor in 1957, this emerald, ruby and diamond brooch commemorated their 20th wedding anniversary.

This cigarette case was given by Wallis to Edward for Christmas in 1935.  It’s decorated with a map of showing the places they had been together.

Made by Cartier in 1935, Edward gave this diamond bracelet to the Duchess and she wore it with one of the crosses on their wedding day in 1937.

Cartier jeweler Jeanne Toussaint crafted this panther bracelet in Paris in 1952.

Edward bought this brooch for Mrs. Simpson in 1940, shortly before the couple fled their French home as the Nazis were invading.

What I Love Now…

2 Aug

Part of Fenton/Fallon’s collection for J.Crew, this “rumpled rhinestone bracelet” looks like it would be a lot of fun to wear…

Spotlight On: Jewelry Storage Solutions!

20 Jul

Most of us (um, me at least) store the bulk of our jewelry in a tangled mess at the bottom of some old jewelry box we’ve been carting around for years.  I rarely wear most of my costume jewelry–of which I’m an avid (read: compulsive) collector–as a result, since I usually forget I own something if I can’t see it.

So, I’m always looking for creative ways to display and store my jewelry so that I might actually wear it...and so that my necklaces don’t require a half-hour of untangling every time I want to wear one of them.

We’ve all been there.  Thankfully, there are lots of aesthetically appealing and affordable ways to get around this problem…see below for some of my favorites…

(Source: Martha Stewart)

(Source: Urban Outfitters)

(Source: Martha Stewart)