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Weekend Whiplash: “The Cocktail”

31 Jul

My favorite cocktail is a vodka gimlet.  It’s four parts vodka and one part lime juice.  When made well it’s slightly fizzy, a little tangy and deceptively delicious (easily allowing you to imbibe one too many).  It’s often served in a double old-fashioned glass–preferably one with a thick bottom and a heavy, satisfying feeling in your hand.  But, it’s not served all that often as the heyday of the cocktail is long past.  I might not have been around for the first heyday, but I hope I’m here to see its’ resurgence.

The aesthetic appeal of a cocktail is myriad–from the elegance of a chilled martini to the masculinity of a scotch served neat–and it is sorely missed.  It’s a romance not quite captured by a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, despite both having their own merits.

This evening, raise a glass in honor of the good-old-fashioned-cocktail…long may she live!