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Spotlight On: Summer Tablescapes!

12 Aug

Summer entertaining is wonderful, but every August–amidst the oppressive heat and humidity–I begin to yearn for cooler days and the more formal entertaining that accompanies them.  If you’re like me and you’ve had enough of paper napkins and checkered tablecloths, all hope is not lost.  You can insert a little bit more formality–even use your *good* china!–into your summer entertaining.  Just remember to keep it light and whimsical: create centerpieces from the vegetables you pick up at the Farmer’s Market, use the flowers from your garden, dispense with placemats and tablecloths and mix-and-match high and low pieces from your china cabinet.  The result will be nothing short of refreshing!


Weekend Whiplash: “The Cocktail”

31 Jul

My favorite cocktail is a vodka gimlet.  It’s four parts vodka and one part lime juice.  When made well it’s slightly fizzy, a little tangy and deceptively delicious (easily allowing you to imbibe one too many).  It’s often served in a double old-fashioned glass–preferably one with a thick bottom and a heavy, satisfying feeling in your hand.  But, it’s not served all that often as the heyday of the cocktail is long past.  I might not have been around for the first heyday, but I hope I’m here to see its’ resurgence.

The aesthetic appeal of a cocktail is myriad–from the elegance of a chilled martini to the masculinity of a scotch served neat–and it is sorely missed.  It’s a romance not quite captured by a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, despite both having their own merits.

This evening, raise a glass in honor of the good-old-fashioned-cocktail…long may she live!

Happy 4th!

4 Jul

Put your patriotism where your plate is…

2 Jul

4th of July, oh my!

30 Jun

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