Why Don’t You…

29 Aug

…sit down and have a cup of tea–in a proper teacup (!)–with someone you love and find out what’s new in their life?

Growing up, my little brother and I would walk home from our elementary school to find my Mom in the kitchen boiling water and putting out our favorite teacups and some cookies on the kitchen table.  My cup had robin’s-egg-blue stripes on the outside and a violet along bottom of the inside.  It’s still the one I choose when I’m home.

My Mom would ask us what we learned at school that day and we’d both have time to talk to her before the inevitable hustle and bustle that would descend upon the house when my two older siblings got home.  While I remember the ritual well, what I remember better is how it made me feel: safe and loved.

Try it!


One Response to “Why Don’t You…”

  1. Caroline @SmartyPantsMama August 29, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    Love it! What a nice memory to have! I think it’s so important as a mom to set aside time to just chill with your children. It’s important. I love your tradition. Maybe I’ll try it with my daughter!

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