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Emmy’s Fashion Favorites

30 Aug

Ok, it was another “safe” night on the red carpet…no swan dresses or ballerina costumes to be found.  So, there aren’t many dresses to gawk at and have a laugh…shame that everyone had to go and hire a stylist!  However, there were some good–not GREAT–but definitely good choices out there.

These were my favorites…

*Keri Russell

*Claire Danes

*Jayma Mays

*Tina Fey


Drink This!

30 Aug

I’m not a *huge* fan of red wine, but I drank this (The Stump Jump Shiraz) last night while watching the Emmys and it was delicious.  A great end-of-summer red–slightly sweet and light, it’s a treat and at around $10 a bargain to boot!

And hey, the bottle is so attractive, even the non-drinkers can enjoy the view…

Why Don’t You…

29 Aug

…sit down and have a cup of tea–in a proper teacup (!)–with someone you love and find out what’s new in their life?

Growing up, my little brother and I would walk home from our elementary school to find my Mom in the kitchen boiling water and putting out our favorite teacups and some cookies on the kitchen table.  My cup had robin’s-egg-blue stripes on the outside and a violet along bottom of the inside.  It’s still the one I choose when I’m home.

My Mom would ask us what we learned at school that day and we’d both have time to talk to her before the inevitable hustle and bustle that would descend upon the house when my two older siblings got home.  While I remember the ritual well, what I remember better is how it made me feel: safe and loved.

Try it!

Design, Dressed…

27 Aug

What I Love Now: French Sailor Shirt

26 Aug

Seen on everyone from Coco Chanel to Pablo Picasso over the years, the nautical striped shirt–often referred to as a “Breton”–is everywhere this fall.  It looks good on (almost) everyone–clean lines, classic styling and an impressive pedigree–could we ask for more?  Fabulous.

*L.L. Bean French Sailor’s Shirt ($29.50)

Restoration Hardware’s Makeover-Yay or Nay?

25 Aug

In a move to differentiate itself from an increasingly crowded pool of look-alike competitors, Restoration Hardware underwent a radical transformation a few seasons ago.  Leaving behind the all-too-familiar couches, rugs and panel curtains in shades of sage, cranberry and mustard, the store re-emerged with an entirely different aesthetic.

Perhaps in an effort to embrace the current rage for Belgian design, their new offerings are oversized (in fact, a bit too oversized to be entirely practical), draped in soft Belgian linen and drawn entirely from a minimalist color palette of taupe, beige, brown and gray.  Their Fall 2010 collection includes re-tooled antiques, archival maps and salvaged wood furniture–conveying a feeling of the rustic, late 19th century countryside colliding with the ironwork of industry.

What’s your take on the *new* Restoration Hardware?  Refreshing?  Interesting but impractical?  Weigh in below…

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites from this fall’s catalog:

*Belgian roll-arm slipcovered sofa

*Brickmaker’s Table

*Linen Nailhead Bench

*Salvaged Tarp Pillows

*Rectangular Shade Pendant

Oh, Suzani!

20 Aug

The word “suzani” comes from the Persian word for “needle”– and it is most usually used to refer to the silk thread embroidery panels traditionally made by Uzbek women.  This embroidery work would begin at the birth of a daughter and continue until a bride’s dowry was complete.  In recent years–as more people have come to appreciate Eastern European folk arts–the cost of antique suzani has skyrocketed.  One of many reasons for their desirability is their versatility–although traditionally used as coverlets for the bridal bed–suzani also make for gorgeous wall hangings, bedspreads, throws, pillows and tablecloths.  Some examples of their myriad uses below…

Simple. Lovely.

19 Aug

Spotlight On: Summerhouse Chic!

19 Aug

As summer’s end nears, have a look at some of the spaces within which we pass these lazy, hazy days and that beautifully embody the spirit of the season…

Fabulous Find: Georg Jensen’s “Elephant” Bottle Opener

18 Aug

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