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Weekend Whiplash: “The Cocktail”

31 Jul

My favorite cocktail is a vodka gimlet.  It’s four parts vodka and one part lime juice.  When made well it’s slightly fizzy, a little tangy and deceptively delicious (easily allowing you to imbibe one too many).  It’s often served in a double old-fashioned glass–preferably one with a thick bottom and a heavy, satisfying feeling in your hand.  But, it’s not served all that often as the heyday of the cocktail is long past.  I might not have been around for the first heyday, but I hope I’m here to see its’ resurgence.

The aesthetic appeal of a cocktail is myriad–from the elegance of a chilled martini to the masculinity of a scotch served neat–and it is sorely missed.  It’s a romance not quite captured by a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, despite both having their own merits.

This evening, raise a glass in honor of the good-old-fashioned-cocktail…long may she live!


What I Love Now…

30 Jul

How chic is this set of baby utensils?


“Mad” About Fashion

29 Jul

According to, Janie Bryant–of “Mad Men” fame–has formed a partnership with QVC to create a clothing line inspired by the cult favorite.  Bryant plans to call the line “Mod” and will launch her first collection of 20 pieces–including both clothing and accessories–on QVC this September 29th.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with…her costumes for the show are sublime.  It’s great news for us consumers that she’s bringing her huge talent to the open market…we can finally get in on the fun!

Spotlight On: Headboards!

28 Jul

I’m a big fan of the footboard-less bed.  So, maybe today’s post should have been titled, “Spotlight On: Footboard-less Beds!”… but, it didn’t quite have the same ring to it.  I like knowing that I can collapse on my bed from any angle and not smash my head against one of four posters.  And though I love the look of many other types of beds, I just can’t seem to live with them.  In that spirit, today’s post is for the tall, the clumsy and the just plan picky among us …

Calling All Designers: Henri Bendel “Open-See” this Thursday!

28 Jul

As reported on, Henri Bendel is holding an “Open See” designer casting call this Thursday, July 29th.

They’ll be looking for new talent in the areas of: accessories, handbags, jewelry, beauty, fragrance, gourmet foods and gifts.

Guess what current designers were discovered this way…Anna Sui and Todd Oldham!  Not bad company to try and join…

What I Love Now…Lands’ End Canvas

27 Jul

Lands’ End “Canvas”  is the brand’s answer to the demand for more classic, streamlined wardrobe staples for women.  They’ve captured preppy-chic without being stodgy and managed to keep prices reasonable in the process.

I was hooked before I even laid eyes on any of the clothes in person.  The pictures on their site have that joie de vivre of old J.Crew catalogs–remember those scenes of beautiful people doing everyday things, but looking so good doing them and seemingly having so much fun in the process?  Yeah, well “Canvas” has harnessed that spirit successfully and developed a great set of preppy basics to fill out any wardrobe…

Sigh…don’t they look like they’re having a blast?

At Home With: Sheryl Crow

27 Jul

The July issue of Elle magazine features a spread dedicated to Sheryl Crow’s fascinatingly eccentric Manhattan apartment.  She’s a collector of many things–from early prosthetic limbs to antique clawfoot tubs–shying away from little when assembling her collection of decorative accessories.

However, what the home conveys most of all is not eccentricity, but rather warmth…it’s a lovely home for a seemingly lovely person to gather her friends and family in…


*All images from (July 2010 issue)

National Design Awards…D.C. Does Design!

26 Jul

Awarded annually by the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum, the National Design Awards honor those individuals or firms whose designs have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.

This year’s honorees–winners and finalists–were feted at a lunch at the White House hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama (looking gorgeous in Isabel Toledo!).

This year’s winner for Interior Design is William Sofield, founder of Studio Sofield (–described as “an interdisciplinary design collective, integrating landscape, residential, retail, corporate, hospitality, and furniture design.”

Sofield’s projects have included more than 900 retail boutiques around the world for Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, Yves St. Laurent, and Gucci as well as the SoHo Grand Hotel in New York.

Some examples of his beautiful work:

Get the look without all the books…

26 Jul

Add a little bohemian flair to your space with Anthropologie’s “Stacked Paperback Wallpaper.”  At $198 per roll it’s definitely not cheap, but it’s certainly more cost efficient than buying AND reading all these books yourself…

Très chic!

Some things never go out of style…

26 Jul

I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved wall-mounted bottle openers.  There’s a retro appeal to them and they’re unabashedly utilitarian.  In an age of streamlined kitchens where everything down to the oven can be concealed, there’s something so simple and appealing about displaying a beer and soda bottle opener so plainly.  It announces proudly that people actually live here (and eat and drink).  It’s perfectly imperfect.

*Available at ($10)